Taking Photoshop 3D to the Extreme!

So recently I was intrigued to see the new teaser poster for the new Michael Bay movie called Pain & Gain. It stars Mark Walhberg and Dwayne Johnson as a couple of body builders that get caught up in a kidnapping and extortion scheme that goes horribly wrong. While the movie looks pretty good (trailer) I found myself oddly inspired by the poster to wonder if this could be achieved in Photoshop. While the original looks like a retouched photo to me, I was thinking it would be challenging to try and create the entire thing in Photoshop using 3D among other things. In the end it came out really good and managed to keep things editable in that I can still go back into the 3D object and change things like the text or graphic elements on the logo. Took about 7 hours to complete.

The shapes of the objects were simple enough I just knew it was going to be a challenge to get the lighting to work. I wanted to do the best i could at creating everything in Photoshop but a few things would have been just really difficult. For instance the arm in the label, I was actually going to create a different label with a different arm but luckily I found the very stock image used in the original over at Fotolia.com. Awesome resource for stock images! Anyway so I had the arm image I needed so I used that and recreated the label with some creative license thrown in. I also used a stock texture as my background. The powder was the interesting part, I knew if I tried to illustrate that part then it would have been tedious and probably would have driven me mad. So I actually took a medecine dose cup and put some cocoa powder in it and set up a couple sheets of printer paper on my kitchen counter to create a make shift cyc wall. I placed the cup on the paper and tipped it over. It took three tries to get the powder to land the right way. I then simply shot it with my iPhone. Yes, for small elements I will often use my phone as the resolution and sharpness are actually pretty good.


After I had that I extracted the powder without the dose cup because I created a cleaner one again using Photoshop 3D. I simple matched the position and size relative to the powder in the shot and composite the elements together. The large canister and the glass were also created using Photoshop. Once all the elements were combined and the 3D elements rendered, I then used some finishing touches like adjusting overall color and contrast and then some additional copy. Really happy with the result. One of the reasons I enjoy recreating things like this is that it helps me discover things about Photoshop and 3D that will help me in future projects. As I have always said, experimentation is key!


2 thoughts on “Taking Photoshop 3D to the Extreme!

  1. Good thing you told us where the arm came from, I might have thought it belonged to either Corey Barker or Pete Collins since your names are on the label! Thanks for always encouraging us to flex our Photoshop chops!

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